Increase your e-commerce revenue by at least a 17% with this method.

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If you are an e-commerce business owner or a marketing director who is in charge of your company's e-commerce sales, this case study shows you exactly how you need to market to your audience and increase your revenue by at least a 17% - so read on!

Wetteeshirt is a casual wear company based in Singapore. Their intention for working with The Invincible Sales Machine was to bring back the lost sales from the abandoned carts that they have and also monetise a database they had developed over the years (2,423 customers), but the campaign became so much more than that.

With only $1500 ad spend at our disposal, the results were staggering and, in the process, we uncovered an untapped channel that helped our clients to bring in the bulk of the sales.

A typical abandoned cart rate is an average of 69.89% and that is potential sales that you have lost if you didn't do anything about it to bring back the customers.

There were two elements to this project: A Facebook Conversion campaign and a Messenger Bot.

the results

$24,254 immediate sales

252 Orders

$96.25 (Average order value increased from $50.40)

8613 online store sessions

225 Messenger Subscribers

All of that for only $1500 in ad spend. If you think your business could benefit from those kinds of results click here (opens in a new window).

This is how it all happened
Initially, Nicholas from Wetteeshirt came to us for answers. How do you monetise a spreadsheet filled with phone numbers and emails owned by the exact people that bought your stuff? 

Databases like that are extremely useful in marketing, so we entered this project with enthusiasm.

The key way we would reach them is to import that database into Facebook Ads Manager – a function that we absolutely LOVE – Facebook then matches the emails and phone numbers with as many Facebook accounts as they can and creates an audience.

We knew the how, but not the what.

What were we going to do to monetise them?

The first step was to outline the key elements of the business and to implement our marketing formula into the Wetteeshirt brand.

If you don’t know what our formula is yet, just ask!

The three areas we covered in our initial 2-hour marketing transformation session were:

Audience Profile

Competitive Advantage


With the information we collected in this session, we created a marketing strategy that would both allow us to understand the target customers and to help them understand why they needed Wetteeshirt.

Throughout the process, we uncovered the typical objections someone in this segment would have about buying tshirts online.

what mattered to the database?
We decided the key goal of our campaign would be to expand this database to a wider audience using Facebook Lookalike audience with long term value.

We knew what how much the database were spending with Wetteeshirt, so it was just a matter of uploading that database that gave us access to a 1% to 5% Lookalike audience.

The intention was to use paid traffic tactics, but this campaign was about something much more important – creating a shift in brand perception and retargeting. If we achieved both of these things, the sales would come.

the campaign (and how to make the website look a million bucks)

A limited period sale was used to lure new customers to the brand.

The website addressed the ease of buying our products and a 30 days fuss free exchange, while we overhauled the website to a cleaner look and feel, added social proof at the bottom.

The social proof was an easy win.


Wetteeshirt had a lot of photos that was being tagged by influencers and customers on social, we extracted it and published it on the site.

the funnel

The idea was to take the users on a journey. They would be thrown into a funnel that had several steps leading to a purchase.

The steps were:
Facebook Ad > Retargeting on email > messenger > Facebook Ads

Something we love about the Facebook ads manager with Shopify is its ability to retarget users based on people who added to cart but didn't purchase.

So, to move users from step 1 to step 2, we created an audience based on users that did not purchase but added products to cart.

We did the omni-channel retargeting method, and it absolutely exploded.

We were able to recover 21% of the abandoned cart sales with messenger, email and push notifications and brought in extra $3,178. While with the Facebook retargeting ads, we brought in an extra $958.62 on a $112.21 adspend that gives us a crazy 8.54X ROAS.

Total recovered sales was $4136.62. Which is 17% of the total sales which means if the lost sales have not been recovered, we would have lost a 17% of the sales.

And we are still sending people occasional nudges to purchase.
We covered all angles and it consistently generated revenue everyday throughout the month.

The extra sales that was generated from messenger, email, and push notification.

The Facebook retargeting campaign that brought us 8.54X ROAS.

the messenger

The new shiny marketing toy we were playing with at The Invincible Sales Machine at the time was Messenger Bots, so once the funnel was set up and delivering, the idea was presented to create a Messenger Bot that will resonate with the audience and align with their brand.

As Wetteeshirt was a hyper local brand that focuses on the fun and quirky culture, we created a drip sequence throughout 3 days that nudges customers to take action once they added to cart but didn't purchase.

We added a tick box below the add to cart button. Using ManyChat – a great Messenger Bot service – we would then subscribe those users to the messenger database.

Just like an email database, Messenger databases are priceless. Wetteeshirt will be able to communicate with this database on Messenger in the future, much like MailChimp or AWeber works with email marketing.

The idea was to send friendly messages to the messenger database of people who didn't add to cart to further immerse them in the brand and to transition them from a website browser to a customer, but something happened when we ran the messenger sequence – customers went absolutely nuts.

Turns out they LOVED Wetteeshirt products, the way the humour was used.

The next part was genius (if we don’t say so ourselves). We sent them a message that says last warning and gave them a $10 discount voucher with a minimum purchase of $40.

Everybody wins!

So many users purchased immediately and we had people who replied to the messenger saying: "good job, that was funny!".

When all was said and done, this messenger sequence had created 38 recovered sales in one month for FREE without spending additional money on ads.

Could your business benefit from that free additional 38 sales in one month?

If you have 10,000 orders, would that extra 17% potential sales be another 1,700 orders?

[Sidenote] Messenger bots are no doubt the future of marketing. The engagement and click through you get is incredible and towers over the results you get from email marketing. If you haven’t already, come talk to us on how to implement.

in summary

By the end of the month, we had created 252 orders – 55 of which was recovered from lost abandoned cart sales – resulting in an increase of 17% increase in revenue.

The greatest thing about this campaign, is that it exposed the company to so many new faces and created long-term fans that had tagged us on Instagram and created a viral effect and brought us new potential customers.

It’s the long-term mindset of recovering abandoned cart sales that will result in more sales down the track.

Get on a 30 minute strategy call with me and you together, we'll figure out the first steps for you to become, just, ridiculously productive.